Each player plays against the bank represented by the dealer who animates the table. The goal of the game is to have a combination of cards superior to that of the bank. Cards have the same value as poker (increasing order). The ace can be considered a « 1 » to complete the straight « 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ».


FOR YOU TO BUY To begin, you must bet by placing valuable chips on the « ANTE » of the playmat. TO YOUR CARDS The dealer distributes, one by one, 5 cards face down to each player and 5 cards to the bank. The last card of the bank is presented face up. LOOK AND DECIDE You can now watch your game.
Depending on its value, you decide:
– ABANDONING by announcing « PASSE » and you lose your initial bet,
– REWARD by placing twice your bet on the « RELANCE » box. At the time of the raise, you can choose to « buy a card » for an amount corresponding to the initial bet. The dealer gives you a face-up card against the face-down card you want to change.

THE BANK DISCOVERED The dealer returns all the cards from the bank. If his game does not contain at least AS and ROI, the dealer announces « THE BANK IS NOT QUALIFIED ». He pays each player bets placed on ANTE but does not pay the RELANCE.

If the bank has at least AS and ROI, the game continues. The dealer then returns the cards of each player, compares them to those of the bank, and makes the payment of winning bets. If there is no winning player, the bank announces « BANQUE GAGNE ». If you wish, the bonus allows you, with a complementary bet on the box BONUS, to collect a supplement of gain. It’s enough to have in your game a combination at least equal to the « color ».

In all cases, the bonus must be played before the cards are dealt. In practice, you bet on the bonus at the same time as you place your initial bet. If the dealer is not qualified, you win the bonus according to a posted schedule. He then announces « Paid Bonus ». If the dealer is qualified and you have a lower hand, you lose your bet and the bonus.

The bonus payment schedule is as follows:
Color or Flush: 100 times the bonus bet
Full: 150 times the bonus bet
Square: 1000 times the bonus bet
Quinte Flush: 2000 times the bonus bet
Royal Flush: 5000 times the bonus bet
Warning: if you have chosen, during the raise, to buy a card, you cancel the bonus and lose your bonus bet.