Win in pleasure!
The Group welcomes you every day in its games rooms from 9am to 2am (except Friday and Saturday until 3am and Sunday from 14h to 02h in the morning) non stop in a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Enter one of the biggest slot machine park in the capital.

Discover the machines of new generations 200 Ariary.

Not to mention, 100 Ariary Video Poker at 300 Ariary on touch screens: Joker Poker, Draw Poker, Wild Deuces, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker. 5 games per machine, for more chances of winning!

The Rouleaux 100 Ariary Videos with many themes (King Kong, Madame Sakura, …) and Rolls from 100 Ariary where the famous three « 7 » parade. 100 slot machines to make you vibrate!